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Industry Mentor

Christopher D. Moore II has partnered with CWGLA to elevate and engage our "We See You" Creative Writing & Mentor college-bound scholars in his  "Do The Write Thing" Mentoring program and virtual writing series. Christopher's industry experience has allowed our scholars to hone their craft and explore career opportunities in media, journalism, screenwriting, public speaking, and life. He is giving the next generation their voice to succeed.

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My Story

Christopher D. Moore, II is a multi-hyphenated artist: film producer, screenwriter, musician, and content creator. His earliest work in creative writing started with poetry and making music records as a talented rapper. Then, he developed a passion for long form storytelling after successfully completing a Bachelor of Arts at Savannah College of Art of Design with a concentration in Television Producing. Chris moved across the country to Los Angeles a year after he graduated. His creative pursuit led him to entry-level jobs on film sets and award shows. Currently, he works as a Content Producer at The Artistic Standard where his daily duties include creative brainstorming, coordinating schedules, paper development and building pitch decks. He has a special skill set of executing video productions along with a healthy understanding of how the business of entertainment works. In 2023, Chris opened a script consultation service called Moore Scripts, LLC. where he aims to help aspiring writers learn how to write screenplays at a professional level. His examples of professional mentorship have come through the advice of TV writer and director Geno Brooks as well as Hilliard Guess, who is a senior member of the WGA West. He’s excited about all future opportunities and committed to amplifying the voices of "green" writers!


Let's continue enriching our legacy by discussing new opportunities!

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