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            CWGLA is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of a group of African-American writers that gathers once a month to share stories. Our stories are expressions of "Blackness"; tales of notable family events that have gone undocumented for far too long. Our mission is to record family history through the medium of personal narratives. The stories are real-life experiences, some funny, some sad, and many deeply personal recollections of incidents of social injustice as experienced by the writers or by their family members. Some writers showcase an investigative flair as they search through obscure documents looking for pieces of family history.  As a group, we try to fill in the blanks for future generations to help them discover who they are and from where they've come by the stories that we leave behind.

           For ten months out of the year the writers of CWGLA gather -- sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but always in support of each other, which not only helps us to grow as writers, but also to heal through this cathartic process. In February of each year, the stories are published in a book series called Snapshots: Personal Narratives of the Community Writers Group of Los Angeles. 

          New writers are invited to join CWGLA writer from January 1 through March 1 of each year. Submit your contact information and any questions that you may have via email to Please explain why you would like to share your personal narratives and your level of commitment if selected to join CWGLA.    

Board of Directors

Lori A. Williams (Executive Director)

Akosua Hobert

Deborah Swan

Diarra Kilpatrick

Juanita Jennings

Kathleen McGhee Anderson

Marcia Jeffries

Peggy J. Powell

Tamika Lamison

Valerie Gilkey

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